2022 : 04 April 2022 Music Photo Award

Stacey Edgar; DarkSideoftheMoon. StaceyEdgar;Roger Waters at Spark Arena
Stacey Edgar; FoutainofSin.StaceyEdgar
Iola Adams; Tidal Rave 2; long exposure image depicting fluid movement on a dance floor.
Iolo Adams; Strobe No2
Joseph Nicholson; Vi on the Keys at Meow; Artist   Violet Hirst
Iolo Adams; Space Pilot;Cameron Morris Playing Back to Back with Jesper Tjarnfors.
Iolo Adams; Strobe; Portrait shot during a strobe light effect in Club121.
Amanda Hodge; Nail from Devilskin; Fly Palmy Arena, Palmerston North 2021
Amanda Hodge; Bahador   Written By Wolves;Larger than life, Homegrown 2021
Amanda Hodge; PhoneLights;Jennie from Devilskin serenading the crowd. Fly Palmy Arena, Palmerston North 2021
Stacey Edgar; Flying Nun Fans;Flying Nun Anniversary gig less than a month before Level 4 hit us out of nowhere!
Stacey Edgar; Late Night Video Shoot;Descendants of Dinosaurs shoot for

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