2021 : 05 May UNESCO Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Dixie Reid;Midge Ure;Performign live at San Fran in Wellington in 2017
Dixie Reid;Hurricane Nita;Performing live with Alice Cooper in Wellington in 2019
Dixie Reid;Written by Woves;Performign live in support of Deviskin in Lower Hutt in 2019
ROSLYN NIJENHUIS;Annie Crummer;At Selwyn Sounds 2017
ROSLYN NIJENHUIS;Cory Newman in 'Sit down in front';At Punk O Ween 31 10 21
Maria Francesca Melis;Troy Kingi;Portrait of Troy Kingi, singer songwriter   2019
Maria Francesca Melis;Treye Liu;Portrait of Treye Liu, drummer   2019
Maria Francesca Melis;Marlon Williams;Marlon Williams, backstage at Villa Maria Winery   2019
ROSLYN NIJENHUIS;Alex Hargreaves;In band 'Ekko Park' support to The Jordan Luck Band in Dunedin
Trent Stone;Mr. Steele;Quinn the Human, Taken @ Ding Dong Lounge, 2021
Trent Stone;Where the Magic Happens;Taken @ The Kings Arms, 2017
Trent Stone;Resolute;Downfall of Humanity, Taken @ Nivara Lounge, 2021

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