2010 : 05 May Open theme

michael bajko;reuben and I on cornwallis wharf; 30th of may shadows
michael bajko; cornwallis beach;late autumn shadows
Gavin Rafter;City Sight;took this form the ferry departing from Auckland
jhoanna macalino;auckland lantern festival lights
Cheryl Nichol;Reflections;Downtown Auckland on a sunny day
Cheryl Nichol;Raindrops;I love how the palm tree is reflected countless times in the raindrops on my windscreen before I head to work in Howick.
Ken Ogiyama;IMG_0003 copy;Muriwai beach
Ken Ogiyama;IMG_4710 2;My girl loves the flower
Gavin Rafter;museum;Auckland museum
Gavin Rafter;IMG_27111
jhoanna macalino; walk to britomart
Stuart Broughton; Useful Catalogue; Function over form

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