2022 : 04 April 2022 Music Photo Award

Shelley Te Haara; Deadbeat Boys Ft. Maddi;Taken at Whammy Bar at their final show as a band.
Shelley Te Haara; Happy Return To Shows;Mitch James performing at Dance Farm Festival   His first show in a long time.
Sönke Dwenger; Dave Maybee (left) and Peter Skandera. Musician in Raglan.
Sönke Dwenger; Band
Chris Double; Violet Highway, The Dogs Bollix, 2021
Nichole Davis; Homegrown;Stan Walker   Homegrown
Nichole Davis; Style;Chelsea Jade   Peachy Keen
Nichole Davis; Crowd Love;L.A.B    Wellington
Chris Double; The Ideas, Thirsty Dog, 2022
Daniel Cooper McCann; 17122021 Blindfolded and Led to the Woods 12Bar ChCh;Blindfolded and Led to the Woods @ 12Bar in ChCh
Daniel Cooper McCann; 26032022 Vixen Execution 12Bar ChCh;Vixen Execution @ 12Bar in Christchurch
Nichole Davis; In The Spotlight;L.A.B   Wellington

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