2009 : 04 Apr Open theme

Riversdale 11

Tineke van der Walle;Keeping count;Old Shearing shed in the Franklin Farming district

Tineke van der Walle;Rustproof;Old shed in the Franklin Farming district

Michel; Drenched Clips; It is raining in Auckland : P

ISABELLA RASCH;STAR on University Free Bus;Beautiful passenger snapped on the free bus to University on Wet Cold Grey Auckland Monday

Maria Luciana Cucchiara; Barbie and Barbie;Cable Bay, Waiheke Island   Auckland

Maria Luciana Cucchiara;Trapped; 34 Junction Road, Waiheke Island  Auckland

Holly Watts;Duck

Jin Ng;Laughter; Uni Students from AUT celebrating their graduation. The photo was taken at the North Shore.

Elisabeth St.;dramatical sunset; Warft road (waiheke Island)

Elisabeth St.;Shake your head;warft road (Waiheke Island)

John Ling;Poppy day in Botany2

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