2022 : 06 Auckland Photo Day

Guohua Wu; Rush To The Sea
Guohua Wu; The sun
Guohua Wu; Bus Stop Cat; the cat named 'meow meow' is 16 years old and very friendly. she does has a family, however she likes meet people and spent her time at bus stop. So owner offers bed and food at bus stop. She is a local celebrity now in long bay. Photo on 11th June at 861 bus stop longbay
Clint Schubert;Meet me at Silo Park
Clint Schubert;Time to stretch at Silo Park
Stacey Edgar; Four Seasons in One Game
Yolan Iskandar;Alone
Yolan Iskandar;Flying
Yolan Iskandar;Keep Stamina
Alan Burke;Cheers
Alan Burke;Just Waiting
Jeff Harris;Dash of colour.

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