2021 : 05 May UNESCO Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Brenna Gotje;Amanda;NZ Band Echo Children ( UNESCO Music photo comp)
Brenna Gotje;Lucy;NZ Band Dick Move ( UNESCO Music photo comp)
Samantha Davies;SIX60 fireworks
Samantha Davies;Making History;Six60 making history by being the first band to play at Eden Park
Brenna Gotje;Rory;NZ Band Voodoo Bloo ( UNESCO Music photo comp)
Samantha Davies;Drax Project;Shaan from Drax Project with his iconic saxophone
Shelley Te Haara;Louis Baker;Taken: 11th February 2021 @ Auckland Town Hall. Performance in collaboration with the APO.
Shelley Te Haara;Che Fu;Taken: 13th march 2021 @ Auckland Town Hall, Auckland. Part of the Auckland Arts Festival.
Shelley Te Haara;Eno X Dirty;Taken: 28th November 2020 @ The Tuning Fork.
Shelley Te Haara;Tash Sultana;Taken: 22nd November 2019 @ Spark Arena, Auckland. Part of their Flow State World Tour.
Shelley Te Haara;Tom Scott (Avantdale Bowling Club);Taken: 23rd October 2020 @ Hollywood Avondale, Auckland. part of the Elemental Nights concert series.
Shelley Te Haara;Wells*;Taken: 25th March 2021 @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland. Opening for Foley.

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