Peoples Choice

People's Choice - Auckland Photo Day

Online voting in the Auckland Photo Day 2022 People’s Choice category decided the winner - Hernan Grabarnik, Light My Fire, won with the most valid votes. The image shows a cocktail being made at a Waiheke Island bar on the winter's night, Saturday 11th June. One of the few nightlife interiors entered this year. Hernan says he is delighted this image was also supported by the judges in the Top 30 and has won the People's Choice Prize: Instax Mini Evo + 100 shots of film. SRP $499. Total number of votes was 4186 were made during the People's Choice 2022. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Hernan Grabarnik; Light My Fire

Jawyei Wong;Having a good day?
Jeff Harris;Are we there yet.
Jennifer Carol;a local lad
Jennifer Carol;buddies
Jiongxin Peng;Developing Hobsonville
Jiongxin Peng;Rugby game
John Sprague;Corella Portrait
Juliana Kim;Curious Observation
Junan Chen;After Rain
Justin Wishart;Good Boy
Karen Reynolds;Hibiscus Nights
Kerrin Revell;Ghost Girl
Kristina Parchomchuk;Urban Jungle Cat 2
Lambert Laluz;Friends in High Places
Lambert Laluz;On The Go
LEO GUAN;Shooting hoops
Leo Kwon;It was very windy last night
Linda Gomas;Above and Beyond
Linda Gomas;Softening Lines of Nature
Lisa Wu;Cross the road
Lisa Wu;Working on the roof
Liz Hardley;Leo Green wins the Boys U12 race at the Auckland Teams Cross Country Championships
Liz Hardley;Will Laery enjoying the rain at the Auckland Teams  Cross Country Championships
Margaret V Vickers;Kids staying close to mum at the Protest   which too place at the bottom of Queen Street, Auckland.
Margaret V Vickers;The Skytower
Mark Burton;Typical Auckland scene
Marlena Koeninger;Commuting
Matt Dawes;Tree
Matthew Chen;Market Day
Mengyuan Zhang;My Colourful Coat
Mengyuan Zhang;Kiss In The Sunset
Nicky Wan;Fire
Nicky Wan;Vibrancy
Norman;Skateboard Incident 3
Paola Robayo Torres;My Voice
PAUL BELLI;Auckland's Pride
PAUL BELLI;Nature's Frame
Poh Leong Koh;Stay at home weekend
Poh Leong Koh;Ready or not, here we come
PYUNG HYE SONG;Birds of a feather row together
Rachael L grosz;Making the most of a rainy day part 3
Rhiannon Myers;Restaurant face
Rhiannon Myers;Eye of the beholder
Richard Ng;Bokeh
Richard Ng;Entrance
Rory Brabant;Make a splash
Rory Brabant;Contrasts
Ross;Q street from above
Roy Cernohorsky;Flying to the light
Roy Cernohorsky;Reflected building

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