2022 : 04 April 2022 Music Photo Award

Colin Lunt;Bass man in Reflection;Dave Hodgkinson recording Spiro album
Colin Lunt;Not seen nothing like the Mighty Quinn!;Derek Jacombs on his finale with KOKOMO and The Mighty Quinn
Colin Lunt;The Amazing Midge;Blues Royalty Midge Marsden
Colin Lunt;Weaving the Magic;Multi instramentalist Robbie Laven with Soni Bullot
Colin Lunt;Dunnit!;Lead guitarist for KOKOMO
Colin Lunt; Grant Bullot doing his thing;A vital member of many Tauranga bands
Colin Lunt; Jazz is her forte; Lisa at the National Jazz Festival, Tauranga
Colin Lunt; Putting the world right!;Marion Arts, singer, composer and educator
Stacey Edgar; In the Moment
Stacey Edgar; Reb Fountain Magic;The incredible Reb Fountain at the Flying Nun Anniversary gig, less than a month away from Level 4   little did we know.
Stacey Edgar; Rock Chick
Stacey Edgar; Bryan.StaceyEdgar

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