Welcome to Festival Zone for 2nd Festival week, June 2021.

Auckland Photo Day 2021

.APD 2021 Promo

This weekend is our annual  Auckland Photo Day 24 hour challenge - Sat 12 June 2021. Image above by Jean Christophe Varnier.

New camera prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and People’s Choice sponsored by Fujifilm NZ, with 3 NEW cash prizes in tandem.

Fuji Film 1st prize + $1200 Cash

Fuji Film 2nd prize+ $500 Cash

3rd Prize -

Fuji Film 3rd prize+ $250 Cash


  Photography fans can enjoy 2021’s Auckland Festival of Photography across the region from June 3 to 20. FREE. Full programme here.

Core 2021

From This Land
Wara Bullot
Studio One Tu Toi |  12 - 26 June

Portraits and stories of hope as farmers in Vietnam and Cambodia embrace research and sustainability. From This Land is her intimate look into the lives of farmers, advisors, researchers and others via 18 portraits, smaller images and video. Text by Phil Johnstone.

 Wara Bullot

 (c) Wara Bullot - Dragon Fruit T-Bar farm of Mr. Vu

 As Far As The Eye Can Reach - Conor Clarke
Two Rooms |  4  June - 3 July

Conor Clarke (Ngai Tahu) has consistently explored nature as a constructed form, as a concept that we project our own ideas and perspectives onto. For this new body of work, Clarke collaborates with members of the blind and low vision community, inviting participants to share description of a landscape as they remember it.

Documenting Railway People

Auckland Festival of Photography is proud to feature Mark Barber’s portraits of City Rail Link project workers for this year’s outdoor Nikau St exhibition.

Angel Sturm; Mt Eden CRL site

Angel Sturm; Mt Eden CRL site (c) Auckland Festival of Photography

The Nikau Street outdoor street exhibition has people and the movement of people at its heart. Link Alliance have commissioned two shows for the public to enjoy a behind the scenes peek at the people getting the work done.

At the heart of the City Rail Link project are the people who are working to build the stations and tunnels , most who go unnoticed underground, being transformed into art portraits by Auckland based commercial photographer, Mark Barber. He has captured the humanity of the moment within the construction.

His work will be shown exclusively in the Festival at two outdoor sites from early June, Hopetoun St, next to Beresford Square and at Nikau Street, Mt Eden. Both are great for public viewing during the day and at weekends from now throughout the year.

CRL logos Aligned

Education 2021

Tim Veiling

(c) Tim J Veling - Untitled, from Pre-Marital Bliss, 2007

Together Alone
Caryline Boreham, Jacob Hamilton, Kim Lu, Timothy Mackrell, Saynab Muse, Celine Saye, Yvonne Shaw, Tim Veiling, Terje Koloamatangi. Allan McDonald (Curator)
Gallery One - Unitec | 9 June - 2 July

Satellite Highlights 2021

Get onto the Festival circuit now, there is something for everyone around the region in the 2021 Satellite programme.

Bernie Harfleet; GTKAB 2021

Give A Kid A Blanket - Donna Sarten & Bernie Harfleet | Corbans Estate Arts Center - 4 June - 18 July

Give a Kid a Blanket started as a grassroots response to help kids and families living in cold, damp conditions in Aotearoa.

Toi Ora Live Art Trust

(c) James C Watson

It's a Little Bit Handmade - Toi Ora Live Arts Trust Gallery | 10 - 25 June

Before multi-coloured printers, high resolution screens, before pixels reliant on zeros and ones, photographers had negatives, dark rooms and corrosive chemicals. Silver Halides were our pixels and instead of taking 100 photos looking for the best one, we had one. There was so much chance involved, you never knew what to expect.

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