2021 : 05 May UNESCO Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Doug Peters;Amanda Palmer;Sometimes the location is just so stunning you have to stand back and shoot wide.
Doug Peters;Brooke Candy;Hot, sweaty and cramped underground gigs are the lifeblood of the Auckland scene.
Doug Peters;Grace Jones;The legendary Grace Jones performing live in Auckland.
Bin Bai;BlowTuba
Bin Bai;Take a nap
Bin Bai;Waltz
Chris Melville;High Notes;Finn Scholes, Trumpet
Chris Melville;Poise;Kevin Haines, Double Bass
Chris Melville;Salute;Tommy Lee, Rockstar Supernova, Vector Arena
Courtney Rodgers;Jazmine Mary ;The Licking of a Tangerine   Album Art
Courtney Rodgers;Jazmine Mary ;Taken at the Wine Cellar, Auckland
Chris Melville;Bass Hands;Karika Turua, bass player

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