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The 6th annual Artist Award - Late Harvest took place again in 2022 boasting a NZ$1500 cash award for the winner and a runner-up 2nd prize of NZ$750. In 2022 The Festival Trust gifted a native tree for each entrant in the 2022 Late Harvest - Artist Award - Trees that Count

We're delighted to announce the 1st prize winner is Judy Stokes with her photo 'Creative Fusion'. Her work is on show in Natural Collaboration until 18 June.  

Judy Stokes

"This image came from a personal challenge to work out In Camera Multiple Exposures. I know I always learn best by teaching myself and I know I always react well to a challenge.  The challenge ended up with a body of work and a confidence to handle my camera and produce multiple exposures. The body of work " My Shadow and I " -  all self portraits – were centred around my creative muse. This image “ Creative Fusion” is one of my favourites of the series and for me is closely related to how I feel when the creative magic starts to kick in."

2nd prize awarded to: Hayley Theyers for her photo 'Pray tell, what manner of monkey business is this?'. She has also curated the Depot exhibition, Wrung and Misshapen until 29 June. 

"When I originally made the series this image is taken from, it illustrated the overthrow of animism and the natural world by the advent of religion. I revisited this work in light of the monkeypox outbreak; my monkey had always seemed a bit of a gay disco monkey, suggesting a modern reading, a late harvest of meaning. The monkeypox outbreak brought out some of the latent homophobia in society and reminded me of the stigma suffered by gay men in the AIDS years; my monkey is still being condemned, while the heterosexual couple in the background are saved by Jesus."

Hayley Theyers

Judging was completed by the sponsor, who was impressed that the entries were of a high standard and had a good interpretation of the Late Harvest theme. Read more about the sponsor below.

To date over NZ$12,000 in prize money has been Awarded to support NZ photography through this award.

Award sponsored by: Wine-Searcher is the world’s most powerful wine website – every day they help millions of people to find their favourite wines and spirits. And while their outlook might be global, they are very much a New Zealand-based company and proud to sponsor the Auckland Festival of Photography.

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DISRUPTION [raruraru] - Vital Impacts

Vital Impacts; Lightboxes 2022

Go see these awesome works before 17th June, last few days.

Around Tāmaki Makaurau this week

Get going to see these indoor shows if you want to stay dry this rainy week around Tāmaki Makaurau. Lots of photography experiences to share this week!


 The Depot; Wrung and Misshapen


 Two Rooms; Angela Tiatia

 Holding On is the title Angela Tiatia has given the performance video she created in 2015 on Funafuti, the main atoll of Tuvalu, an archipelago halfway between Australia and Hawai’i. The artist lies uneasily on a cement slab as the surrounding ocean laps and washes over her in rhythmic tidal surges.


This photographic series is a window into the unseen efforts of so many. From the initial demolition of existing structures, through to the completion of the first tunnel from Maungawhau Station. Closes 17 June.

CRL Te Manawa; Mark Barber


 Pah Homestead; Tony Nyberg

Capturing the environmental and cultural changes of the creek and surrounds throughout the seasons, Tony’s attentiveness to this local ecology over a three-year period highlights the richness of life around this urban waterway.


 Papakura Art Gallery

 Harrison’s beautiful large-scale photographic works from the ongoing series Coastal Cannibals, explore the impacts, contradictions, and possibilities of ‘development’ for iwi and hapū within Whangārei Te Rerenga Paraoa (the Whangārei harbour).

Papakura photographer, Masiutama’s text and photographic work are inspired by her journey through the Māori philosophy of well-being, Hauora. Te Ao Māori worldviews acknowledge the interconnectedness and interrelationship of all living and non-living things, where health is nurtured through spiritual, physical, emotional and social balance.

Full calendar of exhibitions and events here

Talking Culture - Lux et Libera: Women at the intersection of light and chemistry

Online from the USA is this panel discussion which will feature female-identifying artists working in film and alternative/historic process photography and whose work resonates with the festival theme, Disruption [raruraru].

These women disrupt the status quo of the art world, address concepts of disruption with their work, and embrace disruption of form and materiality. They represent a global movement of female photographers leading the way in alternative processes and experimenting with traditional techniques in new and exciting ways.

Online Meeting Register

Join this event on Saturday 25 June, NZT 10am. Jump online, grab a coffee and enjoy!


We're live with this new online section, with great remote viewing, reads, and participation talks. From all over the world including from cities around NZ, Australia, Canada, USA, UK and Germany.

M Ackroyd Curtis; Online

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