2009 : 03 Mar Open theme

Lawrence Tan;Last Summer
Lawrence Tan;Pastel
Frank Wan;Air Wave;Huge air wave at the Royal NZ airshow
Dianne Gilroy;In the Pond
Carolyn Sylvester;QueueingatPasifika;As long as we all keep going the same way we'll get there...
Shannon Tosswill;dusky blues;Port Waikato, Auckland
Paul Barrett;Wheel Power;Round the Bays 09   Kohimarama
Steve Nicoll;Gannet X Ray;Backlit by a sunny sky.
Paul Barrett;The Fun of The Race;Round the Bays 09   Kohimarama
Steve Nicoll;Target Aquired;In mid dive.
Paul Barrett;Long Contestant     ;Round the Bays 09   Kohimarama
Shannon Tosswill;Winding Road;Tuakau, Auckland

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