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Late Harvest Award 2021

The Auckland Festival of Photography is pleased to announce Jiongxin Peng is this year's winner of the 2021 Auckland Festival of Photography Late Harvest Award for the image Hope of Field.

Jiongxin Peng, Hope of Field

Peng wins a $1500 cash award and certificate, which will be presented on Wed 2 June. Peng is exhibiting in the Festival’s Satellite programme at Te Manawa starting this week - 3 June. This is his 2nd Artist Award at the Festival, he previously won in 2019 as well.

Judge and artist Linda Tyler stated “the high viewpoint and dramatic diagonal where the figure is walking activates this composition. While the vibrant red colour of the crop which fills the field is arresting, the crispness of the focus keeps attention playing over the contrast of textures. Autumn sunshine provides bright highlights of interest.”

 The Runner-up $750 cash prize was awarded to Anibal Galindo for the work Timber Logs “adventurously using digital post-production to combine colour and monochrome images, this is an emphatic depiction of harvesting as the end-point of a plantation forest cycle. The haul of tree trunks is squarely positioned facing the viewer, bathed in sunlight, and casting a dark shadow on the ground. There is an element of mystery to the scene: why are some of these Pinus radiata logs marked with blue dots, and why has the trailer been left behind?”

Anibal Galindo, Timber Logs

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  Photography fans can enjoy 2021’s Auckland Festival of Photography across the region from June 3 to 20. FREE. Full programme here.

Underground Railways

Auckland Festival of Photography is proud to feature Mark Barber’s portraits of City Rail Link project workers for this year’s outdoor Hopetoun street exhibition.

Mark Barber

Since 2020 the Festival has partnered with the largest public infrastructure project in Auckland, to help build a city-wide contemporary cultural experience which takes place within Auckland's non-gallery sites and public spaces during June each year.

This year our outdoor street exhibition partners with Link Alliance, a consortium of several companies contracted to build the main section of the City Rail Link tunnels and stations , and with people and the movement of people at its heart, have commissioned two shows for the public to enjoy a behind the scenes peek at the work being done.

At the heart of the City Rail Link project are the people who are working to build the stations and tunnels , most who go unnoticed underground, being transformed into art portraits by Auckland based commercial photographer, Mark Barber. He has captured the humanity of the moment within the construction.

He has decades of experience in advertising, portrait and documentary image making in New Zealand. His ability to focus on the tiny details as well as the big picture and his portraits of everyday New Zealanders, in their uniquely New Zealand environment, makes him the perfect choice as the commissioned photographer for the Link Alliance. He is currently documenting the CRL project and creating portraits for an archive for future Aucklanders' use.

His work will be shown exclusively in the Festival at two outdoor sites from early June, Hopetoun St, next to Beresford Square and at Nikau Street, Mt Eden. Both are great for public viewing during the day and at weekends from 3 June 2021 throughout the year.

CRL logos Aligned

Core 2021

Weird Fishes
Cathy Carter
Pah Homestead | 3 June - 25 July

Weird Fishes considers the primordial relationship between water and humans. Through Carter’s imaginings, the exhibition considers ‘weird fishes’ as a metaphor for human beings, referencing our origins in the oceans and life’s beginning in a liquid pool.

Cathy Carter

(c) Cathy Carter - Immersion Emergence #3, 2017

You Tube 2021 National Edition

Postcards From New Zealand 2021 - Online on your phone, tablet, laptop

The Festival is delighted to announce the 2nd edition of 'Postcards From New Zealand' programme via You Tube, made with the support of Creative NZ Arts Grant, to engage a national audience for the Festival in rural communities who will get to take part from their homes, bachs, farms and accommodation across New Zealand.

From late June we will have new work to show and share from around New Zealand, you can catch it on our Festival TV portal.

The 2nd online Festival so far is the only new pathway for New Zealand based solo artist/photographers, group shows, photo clubs, and collectives to participate remotely from around the country. The public is invited to join our New Zealand conversations using online tools on your phones, tablets and computers. Join our digital future and subscribe to our You Tube channels.

We aim to make festival participation as barrier free and inclusive as possible.

Full national schedule for 'Postcards From New Zealand' will be announced later this month.

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Education 2021

Time's Strange Tissue?
Sue Jowsey, Len Gillman and Andrew Denton
AUT  | 2 - 8 June

This body of work explores aura using images captured by Len Gillman during a scientific expedition to Antarctica, working mostly alone setting up GPS points, his photographs record the omnipresent terrain that is Antarctica. Artists Sue Jowsey (of F4 Collective) and Andrew Denton collaborate with Gillman to create an exhibition exploring physical and psychological isolation.

Gillman, Jowsey, Denton, ice edge

Image by: Gillman/Jowsey/Denton - Ice Edge

Where are we now?
Post graduates
Form Gallery - Whitecliffe | 4 - 12 June

New work from Whitecliffe post graduate students. Opens 5.30pm on Friday 4th June

Satellite Highlights 2021

Start your Festival circuit planning now, there is something for everyone around the region in the 2021 Satellite programme.

Isolation & Gulag
Artists: Marek Lechowicz, Michal Chojak and Archival work - Polish Heritage Museum | 3 - 20 June

Ordinary people, families and political prisoners survived trauma, degradation, forced deportation, and hard labour camps in the hauntingly beautiful wilderness of the Soviet Union. Millions of innocent people were incarcerated in the hard labour camps of the GULAG prison system.

Desiree Hirner
Archibald & Shorter | 3 June - 17 June

Desiree Hirner

These exhibition images aim to show the wild in a creative way and to create conservation awareness.

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