2009 : 08 Aug Open theme

Bony Sahni; Portraits; outdoor using natural light
Lee Pike; Spring Flower; Auckland Botanical Gardens
Steve Harper; Tamarillos; A very excellent fruit
Steve Harper; Surfing; Windy day at Piha
Steve Harper; Tui talk; Bathing Tui @ Cornwall Park
Lena Fedosova; Spring is coming;(Myers Park)
Lena Fedosova;Clouds of Pakiri;(Pakiri Beach)
Lena Fedosova; Soap Bubbles;(North Shore)
Erin Currie; Open wide; Cat yawning
Chamalie Jayaweera; I can eat the whole piece in one go; At a birthday party.
Richard Mayes; Newmarket Winter Afternoon
Richard Mayes; Piha Winter Afternoon

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