2021 : 05 May UNESCO Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Paul Taylor;Adam in the big smoke;Music for the people
Paul Taylor;Live to air;bFM studio with West Auckland heroes Cindy
Paul Taylor;Practise;Long before any stage there will always be a bedroom
Paul Taylor;Aldous and her Silver Scroll;Auckland Town Hall at sound check. What a privilege
Paul Taylor;Tourettes;He hates gentrification with a passion, so of course, we shot at a swimming pool in Herne Bay
Paul Taylor;The Drab Doo Riffs;The only rock and roll photo I like as much as this is the Pennie Smith shot of Paul Simenon that's on London Calling.
Reef Reid;Adam Lambert;Performing live with Queen in Wellington
Reef Reid;Joel Shadbolt;Performing live with L.A.B at Downtown Shakedown 2020 in Wellington
Reef Reid;Gin Wigmore;Performing live at Peachy Keen Festival 2021 in Wellington
Reef Reid;Stan Gratkowski;Smashes his guitar during the performance of
Liam Costley;An Open Love Letter to West Auckland;Cindy at Cross Street Music Festival, 7 March 2020
Liam Costley;Diminished Seventh Insanity;Molly & The Chromatics at The Powerstation, 22 May 2021

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