2021 : 05 May UNESCO Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Doug Peters; The Magic Of The Crowd;The expectant crowd waiting for Post Malone to hit the stage.
nick gartner; Linen at Welcome to Nowhere
nick gartner; Half Cast at San Fran
nick gartner; T0SS3R at San Fran
nick gartner; Arjuna Oakes at San Fran
nick gartner; Jormungandr at San Fran
nick gartner; Jormungandr at San Fran
James Coyle; Fraser's heartbreak; Shot through a Kawai grand by piano player james Coyle, while Fraser performs the intro of a heartbreak song recorded at Massey brand new studios.
nick gartner; Wellington on a Wednesday.
nick gartner; Harris at Moon
Patrick Rose; Turanga Porowini Morgan Edmonds;On November 27th of 2020, I got a message from Stonehurt’s Tim Hunt, who asked me if I’d like to showcase their opening act for Alien Weaponry’s Level 1 Tour. I never heard or met Alien Weaponry before, neither did I know that they were one of the top NZ metal bands next to Devilskin. I agreed to the offer, and I was jaw dropped to see that I was showcasing my first concert. My challenge for the night was the fact that the lighting changed rapidly, and my mirrorless camera struggled to adjust from the change of lights (the advantage of DSLRs I suppose).
Patrick Rose; A Matter of Perspective; For many who know me, I love shooting with Ultra Wide Angle/Fisheye lenses. When I got into photography in 2013, I had a GoPro Hero HD and I wanted to use it as much as possible. In many gigs/events/concert scenarios, it is a challenge to utilise because everything is in the frame. I always have an ultra wide angle/fisheye lens in my kit because it is a reminder of what got me into photography in the first place

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