2021 : 05 May UNESCO Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Dean Purcell; Neil Finn; Kiwi musician Neil Finn who is back in New Zealand.
Richmond Palleson; Arahi.Music live @ Cape Estate   Boxing Day Festival 2020;This was taken last year on boxing day in Te Awanga   Hawkes Bay
Richmond Palleson; The Nudge live @ Common Room;This was taken on Saturday the 1st of May for the NZ Music Month kick off at Common Room in Hastings
Hayley Theyers; Dave Flynn   Conductor
Hayley Theyers; Hamish Kilgour; Hamish with Elfie at the waterhole   Lockdown 2020
Andy Tao Scottish bagpipe player
Andy Tao Street singer
Andy Tao Too young
Chris Melville Jammin'
Chris Melville Jazz a Bout
Chris Melville Rest Between Takes
George Mckendry GeorgeMcKendryColdCeilingHeaven

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