2022 : 04 April 2022 Music Photo Award

Doug Peters;Stevie Stone (Brr That Shh Is Cold!)
Doug Peters;Villainy
Raffael Buratto;Midnight Jazz;Without copy name
Jared Tinetti; six60 fireworks eden park
Jared Tinetti; six60 walking through the crowd to stage
jared tinetti; six60 at eden park 2021;shot on film
Bevan Triebels; Drumming Dead Beat Time Out;Shelton Woolright   taking a break while drumming for his musical act Dead Beat. Love the persona he takes on, performing at Homegrown 2021.
Bevan Triebels; Absorbing Crowd Emotion;Damian from Blindspott absorbing the love and energy from the crowd , performing at Homegrown 2021.
Bevan Triebels; Grooving in a Banana Jumpsuit;Emma Dilemma performing at the Go Live Festival Christchurch 2021
Johnny McCaughey; Bauhaus David J
Johnny McCaughey; Bauhaus Peter Murphy
Johnny McCaughey; Peter Hook

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