2022 : 04 April 2022 Music Photo Award

Brenna Gotje;Vanessa Worm;Deep Dive Festival
Brenna Gotje;BOZO with Lucy;Deep Dive festival
Brenna Gotje;Polly Hill;The Hollywood Avondale
Brenna Gotje;Swallow the Rat;Wine Cellar
Chris Morgan;Jon Toogood Acoustic;Jon Toogood of Shihad, Acoustic Solo @ Leigh Sawmill
Chris Morgan;Ekko Park at The Brownzy;Joe, Nick & Jessie of Ekko Park January 2022
Chris Morgan;The Jordan Luck Band at The Brownzy;Jordan Luck January 2022
Chris Morgan;Crowd Surfing with a Unicorn;Villainy at The Powerstation 2021
Chris Morgan;Screaming & Climbing on the Keyboard;Oli Lyons of Written By Wolves at Ding Dong Lounge
Chris Morgan;Written By Wolves at Ding Dong Lounge;Michael & Bahador of Written By Wolves April 2021
Amanda Ratcliffe; Ladyhawke live at Peachy Keen Festival, Wellington 2021
Mike Li; From 2017 archive; Music vs Dog

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