Frequently Asked Questions - Taking Part

Please find below some FAQ for Taking Part in the 2022 Auckland Festival of Photography. 
If we do not answer your question/s on this page please Contact us by email. 


- Key Sections: All photography related projects taking place: In-Venue; Outdoors (Auckland region only); Online (projects based globally) can submit
- Dates: Now closed - submissions for projects: In-Venue - please consider scheduling your exhibition at least one week during the Festival dates: 2-12 June 2022 | Outdoors & Online - your project can take place anytime from 1 April – 30 June 2022.


Taking Part in the Festival allows exhibitors to benefit through:

  • Inclusion in the 2022 Festival programme, our Festival is internationally recognised, built up over 18 years. 2022 is the 19th edition of the festival! 
  • Support of Festival infrastructure - we place the spotlight on photography - attracting extensive publicity through a wide variety of media channels. 
  • A dedicated website listing on the festival website and promotion through the festival social media accounts. 
  • For every project submitted/selected, the Festival Trust will gift one Native Tree to be planted in New Zealand.
  • Opportunity to enter the Late Harvest - Artist Award for a chance to win cash prizes. 
  • Use of the Festival logo for your project/events promotion. 
  • Invitation to attend the Festival opening and the opportunity to visit other Festival project/events - consider meeting/networking with likeminded artists/photographers. 

All timings/benefits offered are subject to change in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak during the key deadline period and or for the 2022 Festival dates.


Q: What if my planned exhibition dates/timing is not exactly in line with the festival dates?
A: To be included in the Festival programme your project can start before the beginning of the Festival or end after the Festival closes. Please read more at: Taking Part as we have 3 key sections you can register in.  

Q: Where do I send my photography for evaluation?
A: Our Festival relies on the curatorial expertise at the galleries and with the artist/s we partner with. The Festival does not have curatorial input to your project. We offer a democratic platform for all exhibitors/artists that wish to be part of the Festival. You do not need to send any imagery before you register for the key sections of the festival.

Q: How do I participate?
A: If you are planning a photography project tie it in with the Festival dates (as listed above), to be part of the Festival you need have an project planned + a space (in-venue, outdoor or online) to show the work.
In-Venue finding a venue is up to where your imagination takes you. Consider alternate spaces including non-gallery spaces such as: Swimming Pool; Library; Bowling Club; Shop Window; Billboard; Projection onto building; Sports Stadium; School; Educational Institute; Artist/Collective space; CBD Foyer; Migrant Resource Centre; Retail Outlet; Alliance Franchise; Cafe; Community Centre; Dance Studio; Bus Stop; and Church Hall; or Online. 

Q: How do I make arrangements with a venue?
A: You make direct contact with your selected venue and organise your own exhibition/project. The Festival does not get involved in the organising of individual shows nor booking space at venue/s. Once you have confirmed a venue for your exhibition, let us know. We will then send a venue agreement document that you can share with your venue this will detail further information around promotion and what we need to know once you are in the planning stage.

Q: I am from overseas and have found the Festival on the internet- it sounds really interesting, can I participate?
A: The festival has limited opportunities to showcase international print work, so we offer an option through the Online key section of the festival. The festival does not provide mechanisms to international artists for a print exhibition as we do not have resources to bring in international photographers/exhibitions unless funded by the artist/organisations offshore. We suggest you get in touch either with local New Zealand photography associations, dealer galleries or public institutions in Auckland that may be able to help you coordinate an exhibition for your work.

Q: Can the Festival support my application for arts funding or sponsorship?
A: The festival can provide artist/s and collectives a letter of support for the exhibition/project to be in the Festival (not for support to other events/Festivals) when you are applying for arts funding for your project - this is at the discretion of the Festival Trust. The festival does not assist with sponsorship for individual exhibitions. We do not offer any financial support for your project. In the event you are waiting for the outcome of arts funding we can put your exhibition on waiting list - if it is subject to funding. Please check your dates and deadlines for funding outcomes, and keep communications flowing.  Please note: after the close of the Festival programme submission date, we cannot accept late entries to our Festival programme.

Q: Can my project/event be ticketed?
A: All events/workshops/talks held in the festival are free to attend and usually no tickets are required - The Festival is proudly a free/accessible festival fostering region-wide community partnerships and participation.  If your venue/event e.g. some talks, panel discussion have limited space and availability it can be via booking/on a first come, first served basis. Auckland Festival of Photography endorses the Guidelines for Events. Please check the exhibition/project/event you are proposing to take place in the Festival complies with the COVID-19 code for event organisers.

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