Retrospection: 100 Years of Devonport


Devonport Library • 3 June - 20 June

9am-5:30pm Mon to Fri and 9:30am-5pm Sat to Sun
2 Victoria Rd, Devonport
Sampford Cathie

Time may be invisible, yet it leaves a mark across every surface it glides past, materialised through change. These marks are easily missed, like cracks formed on pavements by pounding feet, or the gradual ebb and flow of buildings as they are assembled, reshaped and dismantled, before the cycle begins anew.

Sampford Cathie’s Retrospection captures Devonport, an iconic village’s transformation across 100 years. Embedding his contemporaneous photographs within historical images drawn from the Auckland Libraries heritage collections, Cathie’s composed photographs capture the effects of cumulative change and the magic of buildings and streetscapes when they withstand the tests of time.

Sampford Cathie, Retrospection

Sampford Cathie, Devonport Post Office

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