She is a goddess


Karolina Ferbei online • 1 April - 30 June

24hrs / 7 days
online - please visit link below
Karolina Ferbei

"I am Fine Art Portrait Photographer. I create timeless artistic images out of this world. My fine art portraits are aimed to become a bright eye-catching image for special occasions. I help women to celebrate their beauty, gain confidence and create their goddess version. For me photography is art. Camera and Photoshop are my canvas and brushes. I love to work on idea, find colour combinations that enhance each other, find the perfect location to add to it. And when I edit raw images I feel like I'm painting. It is as creative and fun! I believe every woman has magical powers to bring beauty into the world. I love to make women feel special and become a goddess for a day, and take home amazing images of all that beauty she can be to remind her every day, that SHE IS A GODDESS!

Images are the way to create memories to cherish, to feel confident, uplifted, empowered. I help women to get out of their comfort zone and be a goddess for a day!"


Karolina Ferbei, Forest Fairy


Karolina Ferbei, Girl on a boat


Karolina Ferbei, Redwoods forest


Karolina Ferbei, Hydrangea


Karolina Ferbei, Forest Dryad


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