Railway Street Gallery • 2 June - 14 June

5:30-8pm Thurs 2 June
10am-3pm Tues to Sat
8 Railway St, Newmarket
Mark Burgess, Tony Gorham, Ted Grenfell, Sandrina Huish, Charlotte Johnson, Fruzsina Korosy, Stephen Long, David Prentice

After two 'unprecedented' years of lockdowns, cancelled plans and global uncertainty, a collective of Auckland-based photographers with diverse photographic practices have found similarities in their artistic vision for this exhibition. They have responded to the outward chaos by shifting their focus closer to home; looking intently at the local, seeing beauty in the everyday. For some it entailed revisiting archives, seeing images anew, and reviving memories of place and identity.

The result is a collection of contemplative images with changed perspective, reflective of the shared and individual experiences.

Talking Culture - Charlotte E Johnson presents talk: 1pm Sat 11 June

David Prentice - Taitomo Island 04

David Prentice, Taitomo Island

Mark Burgess - Dragon's Eggs

Mark Burgess, Dragon's Eggs

Fruzsina Korosy - Midnight Assembly

Fruzsina Korosy, Midnight Assembly

Sandrina Huish - Te Whitianga Bridge

Sandrina Huish, Te Whitianga Bridge

Tony Gorham - 2 Double 7

Tony Gorham, 2 Double 7

Charlotte E. Johnson - Devil's Punchbowl Falls

Charlotte E. Johnson, Devil's Punchbowl Falls

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