Weird Fishes


Wallace Arts Centre - The Pah Homestead • 3 June - 25 July

6pm Wed 2 June
9am-3pm Tues to Fri and 8am-5pm Sat to Sun
72 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
Cathy Carter

Weird Fishes considers the primordial relationship between water and humans. Through Carter’s imaginings, the exhibition considers ‘weird fishes’ as a metaphor for human beings, referencing our origins in the oceans and life’s beginning in a liquid pool. Carter’s photography investigates our complex relationship to water by playing with perception, perspective and geography to create new ways of experiencing these spaces. Weird Fishes also explores our individual and collective responses to the threat facing these fluid ecosystems in the Anthropocene. As ‘weird fishes’ we have an opportunity to immerse ourselves in this liquid world upon which we remain utterly dependent.

Cathy Carter

Cathy Carter, Immersion Emergence #3, 2017

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