Untitled Body of Work


ArtHAUS • 9 June - 27 June

5pm-7pm Fri 11 June
11am-3pm Tues to Sat
228 Orakei Rd, Remuera
Jazmin Belle Snoswell and Lou Corry

Our installation of photography and sculpture gives a space to our COVID lockdown experiences. The work is not a means to explain anything. Rather, it is a vehicle for working through embodiment, trauma, materiality, the concept of the body, and the way that sexuality plays into creativity.

“If Art is rooted in the ways in which sexual selection deviates from natural selection, making properties, qualities, organs and muscles function, not usefully but intensively, art is the capacity of materiality to function otherwise than what is given: art is the exploration of qualities and properties not for their use or exchange value, but only insofar as these qualities and properties do something, have some effect on living beings.” Elizabeth Grosz, Art and the Animal, 2020.

Lou Corry

Lou Corry

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