Disruption - Postcards From New Zealand


Auckland Photo YouTube • 1 April - 30 June

24 hrs / 7 days
online - view on links below
Jacki Key, Bruce Foster, Alan Dove

Presented by Auckland Festival of Photography - a selection of Postcards from NZ 2021 as part of the Disruption [raruraru] theme.

Jacki Key, Story of a Raindrop
Our relationship with water is essential and complex involving different ways we work, play and live. The Story of a Raindrop examines the pervading influence of water on our lives. 
Essentially a journey, of a river and its people, we celebrate communities working together for a better future, realising how precious our waterways are, and how the surrounding landscapes affect those waterways.

More on Jacki's work: www.jackikey.co.nz | Watch on YouTube  

Bruce Foster, Scarred Landscapes

This work is in response to the ever increasing man made impacts on the earth.

"The photographs were taken by drone, or from planes (it was helpful to know a few pilots), seats removed to reveal a tiny hole big enough for a camera lens, Foster kneeling on the floor of the plane as the land rolled past miles below."
Stuff, July 2021. 

More on Bruce's work: www.brucefoster.nz | Watch on YouTube

Alan Dove

Alan produces mini-documentaries with environmental and sustainability related themes.

Alan is a Dunedin based professional photographer, with twenty-five years experience. He is the director and head photographer at Alan Dove Photography, whose work includes corporate/business, portraiture, fashion, editorial/documentary, advertising, public relations work and making and exhibiting fine art work. 

More on Alan's work: www.dovephotography.co.nz | Watch on YouTube

Jacki Key, Story of a Raindrop
Jacki Key, The Story of a Raindrop

Bruce Foster, Scarred Landscapes
Bruce Foster, Scarred Landscapes

Alan Dove, Lake Pukaki
Alan Dove, Lake Pukaki

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