It's a Little Bit Handmade


Toi Ora Live Art Trust Gallery • 10 June - 25 June

5pm Thurs 10 June
10am-4pm Mon to Thurs and 10am-1pm Fri
6 Putiki St, Grey Lynn
Toi Ora Photographers

Before multi-coloured printers, high resolution screens, before pixels reliant on zeros and ones, photographers had negatives, dark rooms and corrosive chemicals. Silver Halides were our pixels and instead of taking 100 photos looking for the best one, we had one. There was so much chance involved, you never knew what to expect.

After all the recent uncertainty and foreboding Toi Ora Artists created a series of images, embracing chance in the making process of photographic production.

We created a series of photograms, illustrations and images using Sun Activated Dye, reliving some of the fun, chaos and experimentation of Cyanotype photography and the darkroom experience.

Toi Ora Live Art Trust

James S Watson

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