Experiments in the Transient | Harbinger


GALLERY ONE • 16 May - 14 June

5pm Tues 14 June (closing event)
9am-4pm Mon to Fri
Unitec Institute of Technology, Te Whare Wananga o Wairaka, GALLERY ONE, Building 76, Entry 4, Carrington Rd, Mt Albert
Shona Dey & Cassey Locke

Having recently completed their Master of Creative Practice at Unitec, Shona Dey and Cassey Locke display work from their individual research projects. Both artists explore physicality and transformation in their work.

Dey’s images of the Māhia Peninsula involve collaboration with place in order to visualise the geologic processes that shape this landscape.

Locke’s work investigates a growing ‘death positive’ movement which proposes that death awareness can contribute to improved wellbeing and how the photographic image might play a part in connecting its viewers to mortality.

Shona Dey: Mahia Seaweed 2022 (from Experiments in Transient).  Cassey Locke: Corollary, 2022.

Left: Shona Dey: Mahia Seaweed, 2022 (from Experiments in Transient)
Right: Cassey Locke: Corollary, 2022

Shona Dey: Ingenious, 2022 (From Experiments in Transient)

Shona Dey: Igneous, 2022 (from Experiments in Transient)

Cassey Locke: Harbinger, 2022

Cassey Locke: Harbinger, 2022

Cassey Locke: Mantle, 2022.

Cassey Locke: Mantle, 2022

Shona Dey: Longshore Drift, 2022, (from Experiments in the Transient.

Shona Dey: Longshore Drift, 2022 (from Experiments in the Transient)

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