Wrung and Misshapen


Depot Artspace • 4 June - 29 June

2-4pm Sat 4 June
10am-4pm Tues to Sat
28 Clarence St, Devonport
Nelly Farmiloe, David K Shields, Sophia Jenny, Stephen Perry and others. Curated by Hayley Theyers.
Wrung and Misshapen

Our world has gotten weird, a little munted

No longer all we took for granted

The artists are witness to this disruption

And see the ways in which it is avant-garde

Or atavistic

Which horizons to traverse, though all gets stranger

To sometimes even reach the calm beyond

Wrung and Misshapen is curated by Hayley Theyers and features a selection of artists from Depot Artspace’s Wayfind Creative and ArtsLab programmes.

Sophia Jenny - Fragility

Sophia Jenny, Fragility

Stephen Perry - Kune

Stephen Perry, Kune

Hayley Theyers - Whatipu Flotsam

Hayley Theyers, Whatipu Flotsam

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