Disruption - Disrupt


Freyberg Place • 30 May - 17 June

24 hrs / 7 days
2 Freyberg Place, Auckland Central
Chris Leskovsek

Auckland Festival of Photography presents, and revisits as part of the Disruption [raruraru] theme, a New Zealand fine art photographer, Chris Leskovsek.

"…and all of a sudden covid happened and the world stopped. Shortly I found refuge in my photo archive which became my window to the outside. Through that process I realised how nature had impacted me in more ways than I ever imagined over the years. Then I looked closely and thought that, sadly, it takes a hard hit like a pandemic for us to realise how much we need nature yet how much damage we have caused... and the clock keeps ticking. " 

Chris Leskovsek's method is shooting in moody black and white, his photographs provide insight of an outsider’s view of New Zealand, quite disruptive to the usual sun, sea and surf the city normally projects. Photography was a way for him to explore and document his new country, NZ, as a Chilean. His street photography exploring Auckland for two years culminated in the self-published photo zines, Observations.

There’s No - One Here is a collaboration between Leskovsek and Chilean composer Marcos Meza, it documents Leskovsek’s exploration travelling through NZ and his search for belonging . It featured in Angkor Photo Festival in 2016 + the Auckland Festival of Photography in 2017 + in the online 2020 Festival.

Outdoor lightboxes | view daily | lit up until midnight


Chris Leskovsek, Untitled

Untitled 2

Chris Leskovsek, Untitled 2

Self Portrait

Chris Leskovsek, Self Portrait

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