La raza


Crumb Cafe´ • 5 June - 26 June

7am-2pm Mon to Fri and 8am-2pm Sat to Sun
37 Ariki St, Grey Lynn
Anna-Maria Bribiesca

My purpose is clear when creating imagery: culture, community and social justice align. It is crucial to weave together all of these things. When these elements merge, there is resonance, momentum and change. Art is collaboration and compromise. My photographic-print-collages convey the democratic spirit. I work collaboratively so that a shared vision may elevate, resulting in shared perspectives. These images are their own breathing organisms, they take the viewer where they intend to go.  I have collected the necessary ingredients and arranged them. The result: reflection of my own humanitarian approach upon my audience. These photographic-print-collages are about Mexico, a gathering of spirits and a very proud raza who continue through their resilience to grow in grace and power.

Anna-Maria Bribiesca, La raza cuatro

Anna-Maria Bribiesca, La raza cuatro

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