Isolation and the GULAG


Polish Heritage Trust Museum • 3 June - 20 June

10am-4pm Tues to Fri and 12pm-5pm Sun
125 Elliot St, Howick
Marek Lechowicz and Archival work

Ordinary people, families and political prisoners survived trauma, degradation, forced deportation, and hard labour camps in the hauntingly beautiful wilderness of the Soviet Union.

Millions of innocent people were incarcerated in the hard labour camps of the GULAG prison system. The GULAG’s main function, implemented in the Soviet Union after 1929, was to gain control over the entire population. Although this is one of the most shocking periods of twentieth century history, it is not well known. Witness images of this forgotten history, its landscapes and legacy in 'Isolation and the GULAG'.

Marek Lechowicz

Marek Lechowicz

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