Places in the Mind


PhotoForum online • 1 April - 30 June

24 hrs / 7 days
online - please visit link below
Peter Black, David Cook, Harry Culy, Chevron Hassett, Mary Macpherson, Jane Wilcox

Six Wellington photographers express their sense of what Wellington is to them, featuring the works of Peter Black, David Cook, Chevron Hassett, Harry Culy, Mary Macpherson and Jane Wilcox.

Substantial selections of each person's work are woven into an long-form essay by Mark Amery.

Peter Black from 'Places in the mind'

Peter Black, from Blacksville

David Cook John at Newtown Park, from Social Housing

David Cook, John, from Social Housing

Mary Macpherson, Of the Hill, 12

Mary Macpherson, Of the Hill

Jane Wilcox from 'Māhina' 07

Jane Wilcox, from Māhina

Harry Culy from Mirror City_0009

Harry Culy, from Mirror City

Chevron Hassett from 'One heart, one beat', Meadow

Chevron Hassett from One Heart, One Beat

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