December 2008

Jerry Zinn;Swimmers on Takapuna beach.; An early morning swim

Swimmers on Takapuna Beach by Jerry Zinn

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November 2008

Jerry Zinn; Fishing in the bay Takapuna beach; An idyllic scene

Fishing in the Bay on Takapuna Beach by Jerry Zinn

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October 2008


Indian Dancer2 by Max Thomson.

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September 2008

 ;Stanhope Road School Students; Distorted View

Distorted View by Stanhope Road School Student

August 2008


Life does live in these hands by Nicky, Pakuranga 

July 2008


Rolling Stones Trash by Jo Sellars

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June 2008


Drummer, Eddie from the band PeoplePeople by Tom Wilson

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May 2008


Anawhata2 by Olivier Dorey

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April 2008

Kristin Froude; Still waiting for Santa

Still Waiting For Santa by Kristin Froude (People's Choice Award)

March 2008


John Penney - PolyFest Tongan DisplaSee March 2008 Blog here - March Manukau


February 2008

QueenStreetLanternDebbie Olberts

Debbie Olberts - Queen Street Lantern

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January 2008


Eme Kilkenny- Patriots - Young men wrapped at Domain - Hillary funeral

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