December 2013 Photo of The Month - Open theme

Debby Tweed; Westhaven Marina

Debby Tweed - Westhaven Marina

November 2013 - Photo of The Month Open theme

Manasee Joshi; Spooky Muriwai

Manashee  Joshi - Spooky Muriwai

OCTOBER 2013 Photo Of The Month

Ian Rushton; Alberton House Laundry

Ian Rushton - Alberton House Laundry

September Photo of The Month - Open theme

Hayley Theyers; Boy in Sea

Boy in Sea by Hayley Theyers

August Photo of The Month - Open theme

Cat Groombridge; Foggy Mornings

Foggy Autumn Mornings by Cat Groombridge.


July Photo of The Month - People theme

Jerry Zinn; Ferry Queue Waiheke

Jerry Zinn - Ferry Queue at Waiheke


June Photo of The Month

Caro Brooking; Storm Over Auckland

Caro Brooking - Storm Over Auckland, Bethhells Beach

May Photo of The Month

Rai Dai; Rush Hour Penrose

Rui Dai - Rush Hour Penrose


April Photo of The Month

Niketa Brown; Powerhouse

Niketa Brown. Powerhouse

March Photo of The Month

Henry He; History

Henry He - History. Auckland War Memorial Museum

February Photo of The Month

Colin Lunt; Waterslide

Colin Lunt; Oh ***!. At the Live More Awesome World's Biggest Slide Fundraiser. Helensville, Auckland.

January Photo of The Month

Alvin Sarmiento; Jumping Japanese

Alvin Sarmiento - Jumping Japanese. Congratulations to Alvin.

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